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The name of the gallery "ABC - positive" seems scary at first,
because most of us often associate it with a disease or the tests associated with it.
Even the word "POSITIVE" which in itself already describes the condition is negatively afflicted by association.

My current impression: "Due to the situation, many people seem unusually irritated and dissatisfied, which makes me myself not really know how to behave!
The circumstances themselves are of course depressing.
Some people are completely isolated, for others it is a blessing because they enjoy having their peace and quiet.
Third again feel the isolation as punishment because they cannot be alone.

Despite everything, we all have something in common. We get up every morning and decide for ourselves:
"Who or what deserves/receives my response today?" No matter how hard we try, we obviously don't succeed in having a permanently positive outlook on life, living by it, or always thinking that way.
That's not the critical point to consider either.
It is also not about jumping through the world like a wind-up man and to impress everyone with your "incredible good mood".
"unbelievable good mood until they take flight".
Rather, it's about consciously deciding whether we choose the victim role for ourselves.
As if the situation wasn't stressful enough, we pump our minds full of "bad news" every day and wonder why we are depressed, irritated or sad.

It is comparable to running out into the street and getting hit by a car.
That's how you feel after your subconscious is full of all the negative info.

The picture series "ABC Positive" recalls words and their meaning, which are so ubiquitous, that their value is neither seen nor appreciated.
We have forgotten how to communicate positively, let alone think positively.
Why don't you do a self-test?!
For one day, consciously pay attention to formulate EVERY spoken sentence "positively!".
Notice how your posture will change during the day, as well as your well-being. Also pay attention to the reactions from your environment, how it affects your fellow men if you speak instead of "Please do not forget" the phrase "Please remember" or instead of a "Not bad" rather a "Great".
We are not at all conscious how much we ourselves have influence on the situations and the change always with us begins, instead of always looking for it with the others.

The series "ABC POSITIV" is to act with the viewer, to lead him at best to the actually positive and almost forgotten connections, which go along with these words/titles.
It is a termination for our brain to make us more aware of the positive and to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions.

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