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Bo Contrast
Bojana Wiegand

Born in 1987 in the turmoil of Bosnia, marked by the scars of war. Arrived in Germany as a teenager, followed by a successful career in the social sector, which lasted a total of 15 years. In my early 20s I discovered art for myself and made it my anchor and profession.

My intention 

Each brushstroke on my canvas is a bridge that builds structures of profound meaning. I create to send you on a journey to discover, accept and release your own hidden needs.

My artistic journey is an emblematic mirror of my life.
The palette of my emotions ranges from monochromatic black and white to vibrant shades of color, a reflection of the inner transformation I have undergone.
My works, especially my series, are visual maps of our individual paths, clues to what we hold dear. They emphasize the need to be guided by our own needs rather than external expectations.

I invite you to focus on yourself, as this is the basis for making everything around us work.

My drive is to show others through my art how beautiful it can be to not put your own needs on the back burner.
By truly recognizing what fulfills you, you can live an autonomous and fulfilled life. Be inspired to consciously think about what you surround yourself with, as this inevitably influences how you act, think and feel.

I work with a variety of materials to achieve the predominantly 3-dimensional effect and help myself to acrylic paints and sprays.

What I offer

Portfolio of artworks of different series

commissioned work

Each work of art is unique and is issued with a certificate of authenticity. 


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